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Students reflect on giving back to the community

Tanque Verde High School

Tanque Verde Unified School District News and Views | April 2015

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california convicts are out of prison after third strike and staying out

Eckhold, E.

New York Times | February 26, 2015

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parental substance abuse: the main reason kids end up in foster care

Cruz, V.

Arizona Daily Star | December 9, 2013

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dragonfly fills a gap

Foster, B.

Tucson News | December 5, 2014

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opinion: a ride home from prison

Galloway, K. and Duane de la Vega, K.

New York Times | July 16, 2015

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changing lives through zero waste

Isreal, I.

Los Angeles Huffington Post | August 11, 2015

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Is it possible to let more people out of prison and keep crime down?

Kaste, M.

National Public Radio | July 16, 2015

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you just got out of prison. Now what?

Mooallem, J.

New York Times | July 19, 2015

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reducing recidivism through public health

UCLA Blueprint | Spring 2015

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for la’s chronically homeless, recovery is ‘just in reach’

Richey, M.

Council of State Governments Justice Center | September 15, 2015

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dragonfly ‘retreat’ gives homeless roofs, services

Steller, T.

Arizona Daily Star | December 5, 2014

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