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Dragonfly Village and Community Center is sponsored by Amity Foundation in cooperation with a host of donors, funders and other contributors. Dragonfly is extra special for children. We know that restoring families will help ensure that society will spend less on welfare, foster care, medical care, incarceration and other services that drain local, state and federal budgets.

We are dedicated to serving families and individuals with significant and multiple barriers to housing, education, and employment. Our organization has a proven track record of success with people who are fleeing or attempting to flee trauma and violence or other dangerous life threatening situations.

dragonfly community center services

Donors can help provide hours of key services based on a $25 per hour donation. Every hour makes a positive difference in the life of a child, a family or an individual.

As a very important part of our community outreach, the following services (Tucson and Pima County residents) will be provided based on availability of funding:


housing services

Residents will be engaged and offered services to benefit their housing transition into permanent housing; increase their ability to maintain their
household and finances; perform activities of daily living and uphold terms of their lease; prevent lease violations; intervene in and mitigate crisis situations; maximize residents’ safety and security; build community among residents; and prevent evictions.

case management services

Help connect to, navigate and coordinate needed health and social services. Services will engage participants to identify and define their own service goals and needs; and then assist with obtaining and coordinating services related to health, behavioral health, mental health, vocational/educational training, transportation, medication management, nutrition education; and assistance with activities of daily living. Services may also include assistance with enrollment in entitlements, benefits and health insurance; assistance with navigating public systems; advocating on behalf of individuals with service providers; and coordination of services.

other services may include

Necessary supports, such as child care, after school care; children’s other needs, transportation, effective adult services to ensure that multiple service needs are met either on-site or through community partnerships; life skills such as budget education; arrange GED preparation and testing to encourage individuals to complete their GED education; and social and recreational activities.


what are the components of successful families and individuals?

components of successful families

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